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‘All the biggest companies are based on a founder who had a need, hacked it together, and said, ‘Hey, other people might want this.’

Ron Conway.

Founder@ SV Angel

Behind every business. are founders wanting to change the world, our mission is to help showcase the founders behind the businesses and to bring more of the worlds founders together. 

Every founder knows that starting a business is hard, and unfortunately most fail, so helping to build a network of fellow founders who can share their challenges, advice and hacks with others is our mission. We want more founders to be able to continue to change the world.
Our mission is to create more than Just a profile page for founders but to create a community.

Discovery some of the founders behind the businesses.

founders behind the businesses.

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More than just a profile directory.

Start with a profile. but finish with a community and network of founders, sharing advice, challenges. successes and with founders who truly understand the 'founders dilemma·

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Being a founder is more than just a CV. let others discover who's behind the businesses. startups. and companies through your founder@ social directory profile.

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We ask founders to share one piece of advice or lesson they have learnt on their entrepreneurial journey


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